The house is situated behind The Little Boarding House just 15 yards from Bay Street.

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Top: A Beautiful Eddie Minnis print of Strawberry House; Bottom: The Little Boarding House with Strawberry House just behind

Murray Street is named after John Murray, a Scotsman who was infamous as the Governor of Virginia at the time of the American War of Independence. Born in 1732 he succeeded his father as 4th Earl of Dunmore in 1756 and he had a somewhat calamitous both military and diplomatic career. He was defeated at the battle of Great Bridge in December 1775 and after a disastrous decision to evacuate his beaten army into troop ships riddled with smallpox - few survived. He returned to England but remained as Governor until 1783.

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John Murray's portrait in the hall of Strawberry House and a detail of the portrait, which was copied from an original in the mid nineteenth century

In 1787 he came to Harbour Island and served as Governor of the Bahamas until he was removed in 1796. Murray Street was developed in his plan for the island in 1791 and just a few yards away is Dunmore Cottage, reputedly situated on the site of his residence, and he died in 1809. However his legacy can still be seen today with the obvious Virginian influence in Dunmore Town’s colonial architecture.

Dunmore Cottage, built on the site of John Murray’s first official residence.